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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Management of communal areas and the maintenance of the building fabric throughout the property in strict accordance with lease provisions. Service Charges are collected to facilitate the management of the property/premises/estate.

Our propery management Kent team perform a wide variety of tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Deal with day to day enquiries from Leaseholders
  • Estimate annual service charge costs and Issue service charge invoices to reflect anticipated expenditure
  • Organise repairs and maintenance to buildings
  • Implement and enforce health and safety and compliance requirements
  • Undertake routine inspections

Please report all maintenance issues through our website using the reporting a fault function.  Please note that we will need to verify the nature of the enquiry and check with landlords before undertaking repairs.

You can pay your service charges by logging into your account and making a payment by card or alternatively contacting us for the bank details. All service charges are paid into a specific client account. Service Charge fund are in held in trust I accordance with Landlord and Tenants Act provisions and industry anti money laundering legislation.

A consultation process is in place for any major works, maintenance costs or long-term service contracts with a predetermined spend threshold. The consultation process is in place essentially to safeguard large sums of money being spent or claimed by the freeholder without express consent.

Residential Management Companies are fully incorporated and require directors on a voluntary basis to run them. The directors are elected by the leaseholders and their appointment reviewed periodically. The formation of the company requires filing of annual accounts with ‘Companies House’ for auditing purposes.

You do not need to pay the management company; the management of the property/estate is covered within the service charges paid by your landlord.

If you live within a block or freeholder property the insurance for the main block is taken out by the freeholder/management company. We would however recommend that contents insurance is taken out to cover your personal effects.

This will depend on your lease provisions; it is most likely that pets are not permitted for nuisance reasons. It is advisable that your contact us and obtain express permission from the freeholder to keep a pet. We urge all Landlords to ensure any prospective tenants are aware of any prohibitions in place for pets.

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